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Who’s Ready by vagabond © (via WHO’S READY?)

Indigenous resistance to Columbus and all that followed him has always existed. The history of indigenous resistance lives in the six-time global award winning film #MACHETERO. On this Indigenous Resistance Day formerly known as “Columbus Day” watch it and support the culture that supports you.

Indigenous resistance started with Columbus… It was Columbus who was the harbinger of modern capitalism as we know it… (Modern capitalism - the exploitation of people and planet by any means towards the end of financial gain) FUCK COLUMBUS!!!


An interrogation of race, power and justice in the contemporary United States, The Ghosts of March 21 focuses on the death of 26-year-old Lovelle Mixon and the factors that led him to kill four Oakland police officers before losing his life in the deadliest confrontation in Bay Area law enforcement history. Retracing the events and aftermath of March 21, 2009, this documentary examination of the encounter’s underlying contradictions challenges the mainstream narrative of the confrontation and sheds light on the profound consequences of America’s legacy of racial oppression and white supremacy.

Watch The Ghosts of March 21 and additional features online at: theghostsofmarch21.org.

Patti Smith the people have the power at #RiotFest in #Chicago #vagabond (at Riot Fest Chicago)

Lenny Kaye at #RiotFest in. #Chicago playing for Patti Smith #vagabond (at Riot Fest Chicago)

Patti Smith from #RiotFest in #Chicago #vagabond (at Riot Fest Chicago)

Patti Smith from #RiotFest in #Chicago #vagabond (at Riot Fest Chicago)

Escalator down… #dark #perspective #vagabond (at Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 & RPX)

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