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July 25th 1989 the US invaded Puerto Rico & colonized it… History lesson courtesy of #MACHETERO

(via MACHETERO History Lesson)

THE FUTURE IS WRITTEN from vagabond Beaumont on Vimeo.

i’ve never been one to shoot stuff i don’t really intend to use so when i wanted to shoot another test for the Red Epic i had to come up with something that could have a life beyond being simply a camera test. For a while now i’ve wanted to shoot a time lapse of an art project that i thought would be fun and interesting to do. It entailed some posters i had silkscreened years ago from some designs i did for my company Audio Visual Terrorism. So i combined that idea of making this art piece with the camera test and voila… the future is written…

Jeff “AK” Akers my cinematographer on MACHETERO (go see that film it kicks ass and not just because i made but just because it does) and co-conspirator on more than a few other films. Jeff not only handled the cinematography duties but he also literally jumped into the film. My pit bull Mya makes a short cameo at the end because who doesn’t love adorable pit bulls?

#pitbull #loyalty Mya waiting at the top of the steps for me to come up to bed… #love #vagabond (at home)

James Baldwin on Palestine 

(Source: ethiopienne)

#faded #star #streetphotography #vagabond (at home)

The Eraser from Shawn Soh on Vimeo.

Time moves in one direction. In this piece, we are attempting to illustrate the passage of time. Our present vanishes in a constant instance, and is erased to become a permanent past.

Materials used: Arduino, Thermal Printer, Paper, Hair Straightener
Collaborative effort with Persa Hajiyanni.

For more information, please visit: shawnsoh.com/The-Eraser

#rare #selfie Back to the #Mohawk #punk #roots #twotone #vagabond (at home)

"The Youth Are Getting Restless" #badbrains #streetphotography #teach the #youth… #punk #hardcore #vagabond (at Casa)

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